Our Team

Katrina Mountney (Tina)​

Tina is a qualified Clinical Perfusion Scientist with 25 years’ experience in all forms of cardiac surgery including heart and lung transplantation. She started her career at Wythenshawe Hospital before joining the team at Manchester Perfusion Practice in 2001.

Tina has been part of the Haemoclaim cell salvage course from the beginning; helping to design the study material and coordinate the course, she is closely involved with training the participants and has extensive knowledge of the subject. She is also responsible for expanding the cell salvage service both in the Manchester Foundation Trust and across the Greater Manchester region. Tina is passionate about cell salvage and her belief is that all patients should be able to access this important therapy.

Hoeda Haravi​

Hoeda qualified as a Clinical Perfusion Scientist in 2006. She began teaching on the course five years ago but has been using the cell saver in cardiac, vascular, orthopaedic and maternity specialties for 15 years. In 2000 she gained an Msc in Immunology and Immunogenetics at Manchester University.

Hoeda is also currently the training and education lead for the ECMO service here at Manchester Royal Infirmary, this includes writing protocols and circuit design. She also has experience in the quality control of our blood coagulation equipment.

Stephanie Beeston (Steph)​

Although the newest recruit to the cell salvage training course, Stephanie has been a Clinical Perfusion Scientist for 30 years and has been using cell salvage routinely during that time. She was also, until recently, the Training and Education officer for Manchester Perfusion Practice, helping Trainee Clinical Perfusion Scientists gain their professional qualifications and providing in house teaching for allied healthcare professionals in cardiopulmonary bypass.

Stephanie is looking forward to welcoming students from the Haemoclaim course to Manchester Royal Infirmary to complete their practical training and provide ongoing support where necessary.

Allyson Pilkington

Allyson is the newest member of the office team and is based in Bramhall. She deals with the organisation and bookings for the Cell Salvage training courses we run and will be happy to help with any enquiries you may have.