Q: What is Intraoperative Cell Salvage ICS?

Intraoperative blood salvage, also known as autologous blood transfusion or cell salvage, is a medical procedure involving recovering blood lost during surgery and re-infusing it into the patient.

Q: Who can have ICS?

Patient selection for the use of intra-operative cell salvage is a clinical decision and each case should be considered individually.

Surgery in a clean operative field when anticipated blood loss is greater than 20% of blood volume, or approximately one litre in an adult. For example, the technique is widely used during cardiac surgery, non-infected major joint revision arthroplasty, scoliosis surgery, vascular surgery, major urological procedures major obstetric procedures and trauma surgery.

Q: Do all Jehovah’s Witnesses patients accept ICS?

Individuals vary in their choice and it is important to clearly establish the preference of each patient. More information can be found at Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee.

See: http://www.transfusionguidelines.org/transfusion-handbook/12-management-of-patients-who-do-not-accept-transfusion/12-2-jehovah-s-witnesses-and-blood-transfusion

Q: Can I see the NICE costing statement?

Yes, simply click on this link: NICE Costing Statement